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GM’s Newest SUV, the 2024 Sierra EV

GM’s newest SUV, the 2024 Sierra EV, offers a range of over 400 miles, plus a range of features that can make your daily commute more comfortable and safe. Plus, it’s also affordable.

MultiPro Midgate expandable bed

GM’s 2024 Sierra EV introduces a MultiPro Midgate expandable bed that allows for nine feet of additional cargo space between the cab and tailgate. This includes a pass-through between the cab and bed that opens with the MultiPro Midgate.

It also has a tailgate that can fold or flip to accommodate long lumber. This is a big win for me. The MultiPro Midgate can be used as a bed extension as well. It’s a versatile feature that doesn’t sacrifice the second-row passenger seat.

It also has an eTrunk, a lockable weatherproof cargo space that has a 120-volt power outlet and two drains. It can hold three duffle bags and a large suitcase.

Sierra EV will have a five-foot-11-inch bed, but it can be expanded to eleven feet with the MultiPro Midgate. The MultiPro Midgate opens with the MultiPro load stop engaged. It can be lowered to provide a step ladder. It can also be raised to provide another nine inches of cargo length.

GM Energy Ultium Home line

GM Energy is offering the new 2024 GMC Sierra EV for a limited time as a Denali Edition. This top trim offers a 754-horsepower powertrain and a 400-mile driving range on a single charge. It also comes with a range of advanced features, including Super Cruise, hands-free driving technology and Air Ride adaptive suspension system. It is also available with an onboard power station.

The Sierra EV is based on the Ultium platform, which is a skateboard-like combination of components that allows for flexibility and adaptability. The battery pack is located lower, providing a lower center of gravity, which leads to more driving comfort and security. It also contributes to Sierra EV’s overall strength.

The new Sierra EV comes with an onboard power station that can generate 10.2 kW of power. It also includes an onboard AC charger that can provide 19.2 kWh of power. The battery also features variable energy regeneration, giving the driver the ability to recharge their battery when necessary. It also has a wireless smartphone charging pad.

400-mile range

GM is putting out a new electric pickup truck, the Sierra EV. The truck is based on the Chevy Silverado EV, but GMC is targeting the truck at more traditional pickup buyers. The truck is expected to arrive in 2024.

The Sierra EV uses two electric motors for all-wheel drive. Each motor makes a total of 754 horsepower and 785 pound-feet of torque. GM claims the truck can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. The battery provides 400 miles of driving range on a single full charge.

The Sierra EV will be available in a Crew Cab and a Crew Cab with a Multi-Pro Midgate. The Multi-Pro Midgate is located between the cab and the bed, and it can fold down to provide nearly 11 feet of storage space. The bed can also be covered by an available tonneau cover.

The Sierra EV will be equipped with a 10.2 kW onboard power station that will be able to provide electricity for 21 days. In addition to the onboard power station, the Sierra EV will also have access to a network of 110,000 charging stations in the United States and Canada.


GM’s new electric pickup, the 2024 Sierra EV, will start production soon. The all-electric version of the Sierra 1500 pickup truck will have a sleek interior and impressive list of tech features. It will also have trailer capabilities, and it can handle up to 9,500 pounds of payload. GM hasn’t released pricing yet, but estimates indicate the base model will cost around $50,000.

The GMC Sierra EV will be available in three different trim levels. The base Elevation model is expected to cost around $50,000, while the Denali Edition will cost around $107,000. It will also come with Google’s built-in tech features, including Google Assistant. The Denali Edition will also come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Denali Edition will also come with a 16.8-inch infotainment touchscreen.

The Denali Edition will feature an adaptive suspension system, which allows more ground clearance. It also has a panoramic fixed glass roof, which is UV-coated. This roof extends over both rows of the cabin. It also has a 60/40 split second-row seat, which offers four different configurations. It will also have a MultiPro Midgate expandable bed that allows you to extend the cargo floor length by nearly 11 feet.