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Road Trip Essentials – What to Pack for a Long Drive

Clothing essentials will vary based on the season and destination of your road trip. A comfortable pair of sneakers and extra tops should always be packed.

An adequate medical kit should also be a staple on your road trip packing list, with items like crepe bandages, allergy pills, ibuprofen and motion sickness medicine as crucial additions. Being prepared can make the journey even smoother!

1. Comfortable Clothes

An appropriate outfit will help ensure a relaxing journey. Select soft, roomy pieces made from breathable fabrics like cotton blends or jersey. Avoid linen as this creases easily; otherwise you might arrive at your destination looking rumpled!

Ballet flats provide an easy, comfortable solution for exploring rest stops and your destination. Rainboots or water-resistant sneakers may also come in handy in case the weather becomes unfavorable.

A gridded seat cushion can make sitting for prolonged periods more comfortable and can even come in handy should your road trip turn into an overnight camping adventure!

2. Comfortable Shoes

On a road trip, it’s essential that your footwear be versatile. Zebra-print platforms may look nice at nighttime events but are less suitable for exploring your destination during a full day of walking and touring.

Instead, pack shoes or sneakers that can double as everyday wear once you arrive at your destination. Traveler contributor Brooke recommends Rothy’s as they take up minimal space in your suitcase while coming in five silhouettes (round-toed flat, loafers, pointed-toe flats and slip-on high-tops). Ballet flats are another comfortable choice suitable for walking around at rest stops; those equipped with gripping soles make them suitable for uneven terrain.

3. Water Bottles

Water bottles can be an effective way to stay hydrated on the road, particularly insulated ones that will keep beverages hot or cold for hours and fit perfectly into cup holders.

Pack some energy-boosting snacks like fruit, nuts and granola bars that will give you sustained energy during your drive.

Keep a first aid kit in the car to deal with any minor accidents or illnesses during travels. Make sure it includes medical items like medical kits, crepe bandages, headache medicine or ibuprofen tablets and motion sickness tablets.

4. Comfy Blankets & Pillows

If you plan to spend any of your road trip sleeping in your car, a comfortable blanket and pillow can make the experience more pleasurable. Explore a selection of throw blankets and pillows from top designers such as Jaipur, Sferra and L’Objet for even more variety.

On a long drive, other items to bring with you include snacks (like your favorite road-trip-friendly candy) and beverages. Sanitizing wipes can keep both yourself and your passengers clean on the road; flashlights and emergency kits are great to have ready; for traveling with kids consider packing old-school travel games, picture drawing books or portable DVD players preloaded with educational apps or cartoons!

5. Towels & Washcloths

No matter whether you’re hiking through a national park or organizing a roadside picnic, be sure to pack this ultra-light microfiber towel for any activity involving water. With its rapid-dry capabilities and versatile uses, this ultra-light towel is the ideal companion.

Holding on to hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes at all times is also recommended, while wearing a face mask in summer months can also help stop germs from spreading further.

Your vehicle should also include a first aid kit suitable for emergency use, like this compact version designed to fit easily in its glove box. Included will be bandages, cotton swabs, tweezers, antiseptic cream and cold/hot compress. Furthermore, it would be wise to carry jumper cables just in case you get stuck out on the roadside.

6. Car Kit

Maintaining an emergency car kit can keep you and your passengers safe on the road. Include items such as first aid supplies, emergency blankets, car tools (such as hammers, tire irons and window breaker/seatbelt cutter combo), cleaning supplies and tools like window breaker/seatbelt cutter combos) as well as cleaning supplies in your travel checklist.

Bring along snacks and entertainment that make the trip more enjoyable, such as music playlists or classic car games to keep all members of the family amused during long trips.

Make sure to also bring along physical maps for extra support should your GPS device fail or the internet connectivity be weak. Having both will prove essential should your device go offline during your travels.