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The Life of a Truck Driver

Portrait of a truck driver wearing a facemask to avoid the coronavirus. Truck driver fastening seat belt for safety.

In the life of a truck driver, you will have to face many challenges and be exposed to a variety of environments. You can work in crowded cities or remote desert terrain. In the middle of your career, you may have driven across every state in the country. You will need to adjust your sleep and meal times accordingly, as well as learn how to navigate unfamiliar terrain. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to overcome the challenges of driving a large commercial truck.

A typical truck driver will log approximately 1,25,000 miles per year and average five hundred miles a day. He may travel from Salt Lake City to Denver, or from San Francisco to San Diego. A trucker’s daily mileage varies, but this does not mean he cannot be home and support his family. Truckers also often travel with their spouses and children. Their relationships will depend on the demands of the job and the length of time they spend away from home.

A typical over-the-road truck driver will spend weeks away from home. They pick up a load, deliver it to the destination, and then move to the next designated location. These truck drivers may even haul a load across the country or region. Typically, they begin their day in a sleeper cabin. Some trucks also feature high-powered power inverters, so they can use them to charge electronic devices, make phone calls, or connect to the internet.

While truck driving can be a challenging profession, it’s also highly rewarding. You’ll get to drive state-of-the-art trucks that are outfitted with the latest technology. Trucks have hi-tech stereos and ergonomics for a comfortable ride. You can even listen to podcasts to keep yourself entertained during long drives. You can also learn about new topics while you’re on the road. While it can be a daunting task, truck driving offers a stable income and a great sense of independence.

Several studies have concluded that long-haul drivers have a significantly lower life expectancy than other drivers. According to a study by Dr. Eric Wood of the University of Utah, drivers have a median age of 55.7 years compared to those of other professions. Almost fifteen percent have sleep apnea. The research has led to many questions about the source of the statistics as well as the risks associated with driving a commercial vehicle. Further, concerns have been raised about health-related factors such as smoking and job demands.

The life of a truck driver is a demanding profession that requires dedication and commitment. A truck driver spends most of their waking hours alone, with no real social interaction with others. Fortunately, truck drivers can connect with their families during their lunch breaks or rest periods. However, trucking isn’t for everyone. You should be aware of the risks involved before entering the truck driver’s life. If you’re considering a career in trucking, be sure to discuss your expectations with your significant other.