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Important Things to Know As a Truck Driver

While there are many benefits to being a truck driver, there are also some important things you should know if you plan to make a successful career in this line of work. A good truck driver is organized, and they keep all of their paperwork and important papers in one place. Although most trucking companies supply a basic first aid kit, it is important to double-check that yours is adequate before getting one.

Driving a truck is much different than driving a conventional car. It requires different braking and load shifting techniques. Most big rigs have ten forward and two reverse drive gears, but some are equipped with as many as thirteen, fifteen, or even 18 gears. They also weigh approximately 20-30 times as much as a passenger car. Most trucks are approximately seventy to eighty feet long. In addition, you’ll be spending a good part of your day alone.

Truck drivers must plan ahead to avoid losing time on toilet breaks. While many drivers make the most of their time at rest stops, they need to use the bathroom on the road. Many drivers may skip pit stops if they’re under a deadline, but a few minutes in the bathroom will only hurt your earnings. Truck drivers need to learn how to take care of their vehicles on the road. This includes keeping them running properly, avoiding DOT violations, and taking care of basic maintenance.

Another important thing to know is how much home time you need. Although some companies promise drivers more time home than they actually need, it is important to know what is realistic. Some regional trucking companies try to make drivers home on weekends and during weekends. You may also be asked to take part in a team drive, where two drivers share a truck. This allows you to divide your hauls and avoid long periods away from home.

As a new driver, there are many challenges to overcome in your first year. If you’re not sure how to manage these challenges, try talking to fellow truck drivers and relying on their support to get through the first few weeks. A truck driver’s mental health is essential, and it’s crucial that you find a hobby that you enjoy. Then, try to maintain basic hygiene. Wash your clothes often and take showers on a regular basis.

The first few years will not be your dream job. You’ll have to learn how to communicate with repair shop employees and deal with the downtime that comes with this job. This is an important skill to master. Moreover, you’ll need to manage your own time, because unpaid downtime is common. Despite the high pay, you won’t get rich fast in trucking. You may be lucky if you’ve been able to make a comfortable living while driving trucks. Despite what the stereotype may say, it’s still important to keep on driving.

Aside from driving a truck, you’ll need to learn how to navigate intersections. It’s like navigating a bull or an elephant in a china shop. Car drivers often don’t realize that trucks can’t turn around at intersections because they’re taller than their vehicles. This means you need to be patient with truck drivers and slow down if necessary. If you do run into a trucker, it’s best to move back into the right lane.