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Ferrari’s New V12

It looks like Ferrari is getting back to developing supercars and is launching a new V12 model. Recently, a prototype was spotted on a private Italian circuit. It looked like a Roma, but was actually a new model with a V12 engine. The new model will follow the 812 Superfast and the 812 Competizione.

The new supercar will feature an 830 hp V12 engine, making it the most powerful naturally aspirated V12 ever produced by Ferrari. It is based on the 812 Superfast and will be built in a limited number of cars. The new model will be available in two body styles – a coupe and a drop-top convertible. It will be officially unveiled on May 5th.

Ferrari has taken the car’s aerodynamics to the extreme. Working with its Styling Centre, the new California T features aerodynamic profiles that are unprecedented for road-legal cars. They aim to maximise downforce levels by combining new front air intakes and rear diffusers with a patented rear screen.

The new model will be unveiled on May 5th at an event in Italy. It is expected to go on sale later this year. Despite the upcoming emissions rules, the company has vowed to stick with the V-12 engine. The company has described it as “part of the DNA” of the company.

While Ferrari hasn’t released official specifications of its new V12, rumours suggest that it would deliver at least 820 horsepower. This would make the new Purosangue the most powerful SUV on the market. However, it is important to note that the V12 is only one possible option, and Ferrari is keeping the details under wraps.

In order to make the most of the new engine, Ferrari has improved the cooling system. The company made the entire coolant circuit more efficient. The engine’s single front air intake was also optimized to maximize the flow of cooling air to the radiators. This helps minimise charge losses throughout the engine tract. A new exhaust tailpipe also helps reintroduce the mid-high-frequency sound that was previously muffled by the GPF.

When the new V12 is unveiled, the car will be a real game-changer. The press release notes that the V12 engine represents Ferrari’s DNA and represents the quest for new performance levels and pure driving experience. In Italian, “Purosangue” means thoroughbred. This is no doubt a reference to the name of the new V12.

The interior of the new V12 is a beautiful place to be. It has a low seating position with a huge screen for the front passenger and an elongated dashboard. It also features a five-setting Manettino steering wheel. The dashboard is also home to a digital instrument cluster. A new system has been developed for the vehicle’s performance, called traction control, which calculates how much grip the tires have between the road and the tires before they slip.

Ferrari’s first SUV is an SUV. It will be its first four-door SUV, and the suicide doors open to reveal a four-seat configuration. The car’s back doors will open at an incline of 79 degrees, and it will carry 16.7 cubic feet of cargo.